Jennifer | Quinceanera | Hermitage Park | Edmonton, AB

Now that this beautiful young woman has celebrated her Quinceanera, I am thrilled to be able to share this session with everyone. She looked absolutely gorgeous on her big day. I was very honored to be able to share this special event with her and capture the moments throughout the day.

I photographed my first Quinceanera last year and it was an event to remember. The energy, atmosphere and people made this such a fun and special night. After that was done, I didn't think any more would pop up into my life, but I am glad I was wrong with that thought. Fast forward to this year and I'm back to the grind. These events are always so fun and they are so unique to each girl celebrating her birthday. The pink has been a common theme between them but decor, and everything else was all so different. They are so spectacular, I would honestly say that can compete with the elaborate setting of a wedding. 

Jennifer was a lucky girl to be able to celebrate her birthday this way. There were lots of heartfelt words said throughout the night and even more fun happening during. When I first stepped foot in the venue, my jaw simply dropped. It was a spectacular sight and I knew that she would love it even more as she hadn't seen anything beforehand. I hope to see Jennifer succeed going forward in life and to continue to stay as happy as she was during this special event.

Adrienne | Fashion | Rice Howard Way | Edmonton, Alberta

Here she is again! Adrienne and I did a collaboration for a fashion photo shoot in downtown Edmonton. This particular location is so perfect in so many ways. In the evening, there are hardly any people around and little to no cars to wreck the view of the fantastic Edmonton towers. I love the chic vibes she gives off to compliment the background and it translates well into the images. 

This photo shoot was a fun one. I normally try to avoid downtown as I find it too busy and too much at times. I have found a new love in photographing downtown and will most definitely do it again. We lucked out with the weather. It was sunny all day although it turned to overcast right as we started shooting. That wasn't a big deal as it creates a whole other different look and feel to the photos. Once we were done, that's when the sun came out. Pretty typical if you ask me. As soon as I left the location, it started raining so I'd say our timing was perfect.  

Adrienne is an absolute champ. She takes direction so easily and has the potential to do very well in the modelling industry. I think she has a very beautiful and unique look. Down below are the highlights from our downtown fashion shoo.t

Shina | In Studio Portraits | Edmonton, AB

Instagram has blessed me with working with some beautiful models. Being able to work with some up and coming talent is always so much fun. Whenever I work with younger models, I don't like to coat their faces with makeup. I want to show off their true natural beauty. As you can see down below, Shina did not need any sort of makeup to show off her beauty.

I highly enjoy working with models whether it be in studio or on location. When I first started in photography, I never imagined I would enjoy this area so much. I had the impression that I wouldn't like it and wanted to try and steer clear but I proved myself wrong. Now, having chances so work with models to create something new for me and for them is a great feeling. Shina was just looking for something in studio and we both had a blast. We had a few outfit changes and some background changes to keep the shoot interesting and interactive.

I try to make my models as comfortable as possible in studio. I play music for them, we talk a little, an I try to make things as relaxed and fun as I can. Needless to say, it seemed as if Shina was having a great time and so was I. 

Do you know any model looking for some images to add to their portfolio or interested in having a photoshoot? I would be more than happy to photograph them. More information can be seen in the link down below.

Jenna | Early Spring Styled Wedding Session | Whitemud Park, Edmonton, AB

Photographing anything wedding related is a whole other ballgame. It was a different experience for me. I strayed slightly away from my normal fashion type shoots to get something a little more lifestyle. I wouldn't consider this a lifestyle shoot but I had to make some accommodations to show off the bride in a way that I am not fully used to. I am swayed more towards the fashion side of things when photographing people, I always had to remind myself during this session to get the bride to smile. This is a big and joyful day for the bride so yes, I need her to portray that in the photos.

With everything that I said earlier, it was still a fun shoot to do. I had a co-shooter for this session and it worked well. We each got turns posing the bride into whichever way fits our style best. We got incredibly lucky with the weather. If you live in the Edmonton or surrounding areas, you are fully aware of how much it has seemed more like winter than spring lately. Snow and cold temperatures were chasing us for quite some time. Luckily, for this shoot, we had warmer temperatures and beautiful sunny blue skies. 

Whitemud park is a lovely place to be. It is situated right beside the Whitemud Equine Center on Fox Drive. I have never been to this location before but it is quite beautiful even if the trees are still bare. This location would be well worth the visit during the summer not just for hiking but for photo shoots as well. Aside from the beauty of the park, I would like to focus on some smaller details. To get this bride looking as stunning as ever, we had makeup done by KLM Makeup. She did a wonderful job and would recommend her to anybody looking to get professional makeup services done. The gorgeous bouquet of flowers are supplied by Budget Bride. Real Touch Flowers are flowers made with latex to closely resemble real bouqiets.. Not only do they look real, they actually do feel like real flowers so they are almost indistinguishable from real flowers. 

Hargreaves Family | Fun Winter Family Session | Jackie Parker Park | Edmonton, AB

Some people have a very easy time with kids. It comes naturally to them. To me, I'm the odd one out. I can't quite figure them out. This may be because I am still pretty young, but they puzzle me. Sometimes they play nice and listen very well, and other times it can be the total opposite. Lucky for me, I had an easier time photographing my little cousins out in the park on a lovely winter day. 

My aunt and uncle live in a neighborhood close to a very nice walking trail. With the sun out and the weather warming up, we went into the ravine and started photographing. I love being able to photographing in new and exciting place. Finding those ideal spots that make a great photo come much easier than a place I have been to time and time again. 

I haven't ever photographed kids before. The opportunity never came up, especially since I didn't know many kids anyways. Photographing kids is a whole other ball game. It might sound strange but it is almost comparable to photographing animals. A lot of the time, you don't have full control over the situation as they can hit their off button in an instant. I had to go with the flow and do what I do best. Create images. It wasn't as difficult as I was expecting although, sometimes trying to get a child to do what you want might not be as easy. It was trial and error but in the end, everything worked out great. 

Adrienne | Shaw Conference Centre Graduation Session | Edmonton, AB

As spring approaches, so does graduation season. Girls are shopping for their dresses and getting more excited as it gets closer. A graduation dress for a girl is a very important item. It shows her style, her personality, and most importantly, it makes her feel like a queen ready to take on the world.

This lovely young lady was an absolute dream to work with. I wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere I never photographed before yet. I was searching all my resources to try and find a nice place to get some great images. Then it hit me, the Shaw Conference Centre. For those that don't know about the Shaw Conference Centre, it is situated at the heart of Edmonton overlooking the river valley. It was perfect. When I arrived, I did not expect it to be so busy. I didn't realize they were using this space for teachers convention. Instead of moving to a quieter location, we embraced it. She had no issues with posing in front of so many people and having to wait for the perfect moment as others walked by. Don't let the photos fool you, it was much busier than what it looks like. I just had to wait for those opportune moments of quiet to quickly snap the perfect shot.

It was a cold day in the city. This shoot was supposed to take place at an outdoor location but there was no way I would make her stay outside in those temperatures for a length of time. What I did do was make a very fast trip outside to get a view of the new Walterdale bridge. Between shots, I did let her borrow my jacket so she didn't turn into an icicle. Keeping it short, I got what we needed and back inside we went.

Are you interested or know somebody that might be interested in booking a Graduation photoshoot?  Please click the link down below for more information.