Alberta Feathered Horse Classic | Whitemud Equine Center | Edmonton, AB

This past weekend, I was out at Whitemud Equine Center photographing the Feathered Horse Classic Show. This horse show originating from the US is all about the Gypsy Vanner breed and their versatility. This breed can do everything from halter, driving, riding english and western, jumping, and so on. It is quite incredible. Not only are they extremelty versatile, they are such quiet and gentle loving horses. 

Everybody that ran this show was fantastic and incredible to work with. This show is supposed to come back to Alberta again next year. Location is TBA but if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend taking an afternoon to go and watch what the Gypsy Vanner is all about. 

DevonRidge Farms | Hunter/Jumper Tournament | Devon, Alberta

Over the weekend, I was out photographing the Hunter/Jumper Tournament at DevonRidge Farms. It has been an absolute pleasure to be taking pictures for this show. I loved every minute of it, even if the first day did get storms. On the Saturday, we ended up getting two storms, in which we had two show delays due to lightning. Although, the Sunday made up for it with gorgeous weather and sun beaming down on us. I forgot sunscreen for Sunday so I ended up with a wicked burn on my face. 

Overall, the horses were beautiful and the riders were fantastic. I would love to come and photograph this show again in the future. Everybody was so great and welcoming to me. The facility was great as well as it was very clean and just an overall great atmosphere. I have compiled my favorite images from the weekend and created some highlights for all of you to check out. The first day was all Hunters and the second day was strictly jumpers.

Cross Country Schooling | Sandridge Stables | Sherwood Park, Alberta

These images are from last fall but I wanted to create a post in honor of my upcoming horse shows this year. Last September, I went to Sandridge Stables to photograph some cross country. A great big thank you to the owner for letting me come out to capture some fantastic images during this lesson. The group of riders I was out with was a talented bunch with amazing horses. I would love to come back to this stable again in the future to continue to photograph moments like these.

Many people say "horse riding is easy. You sit there and let the horse do all the work". This discipline or any discipline would prove those people wrong. It is a physically demanding task, not to mention having to control and be in harmony with a 1000 pound animal. It takes lots of athleticism, stamina, control, strength, and a bond between horse and rider to be successful. If you ever have the chance, I would recommend not brushing this sport off as something easy, but to sit down and look to see how hard the horse and rider work to achieve their goals. It really is something so amazing to watch how a team of human and animal can work together so effortlessly. 

Thoroughbred Racing | Northlands Park | Edmonton, AB

Happy Friday everybody. I recently made another visit to Northlands Park but this time, for the Thoroughbreds. The last time I was there, it was Standardbred season. I wanted one last chance to photograph the Thoroughbreds at this location before everything is moved to Century Mile. 

It was such a beautiful day I managed to get myself burned by the sun a little. Although, that was my fault for not wearing a hat. I put sunscreen on but still managed a small burn with that. When the sun beams down, there is no stopping it from doing it's thing. Doesn't help that I am so pale. My sister and her husband came down to the track with me since it was a good opportunity to hang out with them. 

I love watching horse racing. It is so exciting, action packed, and filled with so much energy. I was so happy to be able to capture some of the amazing moments that happened during the day. Not to mention I got to see lots of gorgeous and extremely fit horses. These animals are at their peak of fitness and truly deserve to be recognized for the amount of work and effort, as well as their heart and soul into this sport. 

Down below are the highlights from the race day.

Bigger Than Life

On a cold winter day that was anticipated to be much warmer, I made the journey out to photograph some horses that are bigger than life. In the distance, these horses may not seem to be so big. The closer you get, the bigger they become. I'm talking about the Belgian Horse. These specific horses that I photographed are owned by Merle and Danielle Gallant. Their team of horses go around to different shows, earning Champion titles for themselves. Impressive is an understatement when you see these horses up close and working.

My assistant braved the cold and made the journey out with me into a field of deep snow. "Get them to run towards me!" I would yell across the field to my assistant. Some horses would run, others would just walk into an rea that is full of trees. I guess some just weren't in the mood to put up with us. We kept trying until the horses became sick of us. I don't blame them. I wouldn't like to be running around aimlessly in the cold either.

Once I was satisfied with the images I got from the Belgians, I wanted to go and photograph a little more as I felt I wasn't quite done. My old stable is right beside the place these Belgians live so I decided to make a visit and photograph there. An honourable mention goes to Jessie (pictured below). Romeo used to live together with this horse and they would always play with each other. Although, I'm sure Romeo had enough of him at times and vice versa. Jessie is still as pretty as pretty as when I first met him. It was really nice to go visit Romeo's old friend again and to re-live a few memories from the 5 years I was at that stable. I would like to make an honourable mention to Danielle's riding horse Q. He is the bay horse in the photos down below.