RAW: Natural Born Artists

This is some exciting news I would love to share with all of you. 

A few days ago, I got scouted into a show called RAW: Natural Born Artists. This show takes lots of local talent and artists from Edmonton and puts on a night where we can all showcase what we do. This show is put on around the world and I am very thankful to be part of it. There is something for everybody at this event.

I will have my own little display for people to come and view my work. Also, my work will be for sale that night as well, so that will be your chance to get some awesome wall prints. 

I would really appreciate all your support. So if you are interested, please come purchase some tickets and come out for a fun night. You can learn more about this event, see my profile, and purchase tickets down below.

I hope to see many of you at the show!

A Gerbil Named Hammy

Since I had a post dedicated to Romeo, I thought, why not dedicate one to Hammy. Not a lot of you would know who Hammy is, so I am here to explain. Some of you may think it is silly to write about a gerbil, but I say different. Hammy was such a special little animal in my eyes and I have come to love him tremendously. He will always have a place in my heart.

Hammy was a gerbil, and yes, his name was in fact Hammy. It started with my brother always wanting a hamster. He was not a little boy, he was very much a grown man. So his girlfriend (now wife) surprised him with a gerbil for his birthday. I know they aren't the same animal but in my opinion, gerbils are so much more fun. Since he got a gerbil and not a hamster, the name Hammy came to be. It's pretty easy to piece together why he gave him that name. 


Baby Hammy

When he first came to us, he was quite shy and not very trusting of us yet.

We all knew that my brother wasn't pet owner material and so I VERY quickly became his new owner. I didn't quite know how to properly take care of a gerbil. I had to do my research and fast. Over time, I got the hang of things. The more time I would spend with Hammy, sitting with him and handling him, the more he began to trust me. We got him very young so he had lots of energy to get rid of. He wasn't still 100% up for playing with a human, so he would run his little heart out on his favorite wheel. Although, he quickly broke it because he was running too hard and too fast. We ended up getting him a new one although, he was mad because it was not the same color. How did I know he was mad? He wouldn't go on his new wheel for about a week. He would come up to it, sniff it and turn away. But, he got over it.


The old wheel.

Hammy loved his wheel and would run like crazy making giant racket.

Since he lived alone without another gerbil, he became very social with people over time. I was his companion the way a second gerbil would be. They are social animals and need to constantly interact with someone whether it be a human, or another gerbil. I would say Hammy probably knew me the best out of everyone since I played with him the most and spent countless hours with him. It really was a great way to pass the time. He quickly became very good at taking selfies and he loved it. He knew every time I had the camera on, he would stand up and show his little white belly as if he was posing. I would turn the camera off, and he would sit back down. It never failed. He would always pose every single time I turned the camera on. It really was quite amazing how he knew. 


Selfie Time!

Hammy always knew when the camera was on.

Hammy really was such a special little animal. He lived a very happy life with us and had an amazing quality of life. He lived for about 4.5-5 years which is a nice long life for a gerbil. I wouldn't trade those years for the world. Sure he sometimes drove me crazy by never wanting to stay in his cage and play, but he mainly brought me tremendous amounts of joy and happiness. 

Summer Horse Show Schedule

This week, I'm going to keep my blog post pretty short and to the point. I wanted to update everybody with what my summer schedule is like at the current moment. These are all the horse shows I am currently scheduled for. To stay updated on new shows, I post on my social media accounts as they get confirmed.


  • 7 and 8: Hunter Jumper Tournament at Devonridge Farms.
  • 21 and 22: Feathered Horse Classic at Whitemud Equine Centre.


  • 10,11, and 12: Hot August Weekend at Thorsby Haymaker Arena
  • 13,14,15, and 16: CPC National Rally (Location TBA)
  • 23 and 24: ANR Regionals Dressage at Whitemud Equine Centre

I am really looking forward to all these shows and have the chance to photograph many beautiful horses and talented riders. 

For any booking inquiries, please contact me.

The Story of Romeo

If anybody doesn't know, Romeo is my horse and I have owned him for 9 years. Since he turned 9 on June 10th, this is the perfect time to share my story of him. He is my pride and joy and will always have a special place in my heart no matter what.

Everything started at the very first stable I was riding at. They had a tournament program so kids like me had the chance to gain experience training horses. That is when I decided it would be really fun to work with a pregnant mare and work with the baby once it was born. That is how I met Silky (Romeo's mom). Over the month's her belly grew and we gained trust in each other. That is how I became the first person ever to be able to watch her give birth. That was truly a special moment. Before I knew it, baby Romeo was born. 

Romeo and Silky when he first stood up.

Romeo and Silky when he first stood up.

5 days after Romeo was born, he was officially mine when my parent's bought him for me. That sure was a day to remember. As Romeo was growing and we were learning about one another, we had our ups and downs. He would be good and then he would be testing me and my patience. There have been many times where I contemplated selling him but deep down, I knew I would never let that happen. He was my horse and was here to stay with me forever. 

Romeo at 3 months old.

Romeo at 3 months old.

I am proud to say that I am the only owner he has and that I put all the hours into his training myself. Sure I got advice from others, but everything was done by me. Don't get me wrong, it has been incredibly frustrating at times, but in the end, it has been extremely rewarding. I wouldn't change anything for the world. He is my special guy and always will be.

Down below are images of Romeo throughout the years starting at 1 and ending at 9. Every picture is another year. Sadly, I currently don't have a photo of him when he turned 9 as the weather here has been awful and I haven't been able to get out yet. So all these images in this post are from birth to 8 years old.

Summer Travel

As summer slowly creeps up to us, this warm weather makes me think back to some great summer vacations that I have been on. I'm starting to get the itch to go somewhere and relax. My go to is the mountains, as they are my happy place. The majority of my vacations lately have been to the Rocky Mountains as it is close, convenient and easy on the wallet. 

As I was looking through some old vacation photo's, I wanted to share a few with all of you. The mountains are my happy place and I want to show you why. Not only is the beauty unreal, but it is a place where I feel at home. I feel at ease and happy. A place to breath away from the busy city life.