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Meet the photographer

Hello! My name is Christie. For me, photography is a passion and a lifestyle. Ever since I was little, I always had a camera in my hand and wanted to photograph anything and everything. My main model was the dog that I grew up with and he didn't seem to mind. Then, it later transitioned to my horse, Romeo, and his mother. On vacations, I would always pester my parents to give me the camera so I could have fun and try to make beautiful images. Now, I can finally share my passion with everyone and create those moments through images that make others go "wow".

Growing up, I have always had lots of support, and today, nothing has changed. I am incredibly grateful for everything that my family has done for me. My boyfriend is a huge part of my life and he offers endless support for my dreams with CE Photography.

what CE Photography offers

CE Photography offers many different types of photography such as:

  • Equine (Portraits, Shows, Sales, Stud Showcases)

  • Portraits (Fashion, Graduation)

  • Commercial Product

  • Pets